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Here are some of the leading retailers & brands who depend on 360pi to make profitable decisions.
“360pi stood out from all the vendors we evaluated for their express focus on product matching, and their proven data accuracy. As well, with their demonstrated commitment to responsiveness, it was evident that 360pi was uniquely committed to integrating with our existing back office environment."
- Girisha Chandraraj, Chief Operating Officer, CPO Commerce
"We have a vast amount of insight into our market on a category, sub-category and even individual product level. We can also track competitor reactions to past price changes to help us forecast results before we implement new strategies.”
- Chief Merchant, Build.com
“360pi is essential to our private label success, providing an accurate view of the competitive pricing landscape for both exact and ‘like’ products.”
- Andy Voelker, Director Category Management & Retail Development, Ace Hardware
“360pi helps our category managers make timely and well-informed pricing decisions. We are now even better positioned to play in the highly competitive and localized home renovations market.”
- Ken Goodgame, Senior Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, True Value
“We get a lot of value out of simply knowing where we’re priced in the market at any point in time. It’s not about having the lowest price, it’s about having the right price. It’s having confidence because you have the information.”
- Senior Manager, Pricing Strategy, Guitar Center

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Get instant marketplace intelligence you can count on.

*Internet Retailer

Marketplace Intelligence

How do you track online pricing?

I don't have a price intelligence system

The frequency of price changes, prevalence of marketplaces, and online price transparency put more pressure on retailers and brands alike to keep up with online product and pricing information.

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Monitor and Track Pricing Changes in Retail

I have an in-house price intelligence system

The technology available to your shoppers has skyrocketed. Have your tools kept pace? Let us take care of the technology, so you can focus on making profitable product and pricing decisions.
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In-House Price Intelligence Systems

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Here’s what our customers have to say:

“I was running 360pi in parallel with our other system and I was directly comparing the two. And within probably a week’s time after the initial launch, it was pretty clear that 360 was winning.”

 Senior Manager, Pricing Strategy, Guitar Center


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“One of our biggest issues prior to working with 360pi, was lack of SKU-level data… we were making some price assumptions instead of actually data-based decisions.”

– Devin Van Hout, VP of Operations, Build.com


We are proud and humbled to be recipients of a number of industry awards, including:
360pi Recipient of Deloitte Technology Fast50 Award 360pi Recipient of IBM Beacon Award Finalist
360pi Recipient of Branham 300 Award