What's your role?

VP Sales & Marketing

Be informed on retail pricing for your brands and those of competitors to be able to negotiate better with retailers and distributors who also have access to this information, and keep your Sales team focused on servicing your customers.

Channel Compliance

Protect brand equity, minimize channel conflict, and maximize margins by monitoring and enforcing channel compliance with respect to price (MAP), product assortment, brand, and authorized sales territories.

VP e-Commerce

Support direct-to-consumer sales by offering competitively priced products that also comply with existing channel price and product commitments. Benchmark brand pricing and grow share of digital shelf.

Category Manager

Bring more to the table with real-time and online insight into shifting category demand patterns. Identify and alert your retail partners to emerging assortment and product opportunities as they happen.

Drive channel performance.

Monitor price, promotion, and distribution of your brand.
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Market coverage

See retail penetration and traction by brand manufacturer on per category basis. Identify product attributes most demanded by shoppers.

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Channel compliance and unauthorized sellers

While e-commerce has brought increased transparency to shoppers, the reverse is true for brands. It’s estimated that over a third of US e-commerce sales now go through marketplaces, and brands have extremely limited insight into this channel. Marketplaces are also where the majority of unauthorized sellers appear. 360pi identifies the online sellers for your brands and products, so you can find and address those that are not sanctioned.

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MAP pricing and violations

Identify and act on MAP violations. Enforce channel compliance and negotiate to better protect brand equity. Use price outliers to identify potential counterfeit threats.

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Historical channel pricing

See how your brand’s pricing changes over time and determine pricing patterns of your sellers. Use this information to protect brand image when negotiating with retailers and distributors.

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Portfolio coverage breakdown

See relative online retail pricing for, and associated positioning of, the assortment of your product portfolio carried by different sellers.

Why 360pi?

360pi customers depend on us to deliver insights that are reliable, accurate, scalable, and complete.
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Accurate matching of product options and private brands
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Marketplace support
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Pack and package sizing analysis
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Price compliance
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MAP violations calendar
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Share of shelf

360pi Brand Offering

The 360brands product is designed to provide real-time channel visibility.