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  • 360pi and IBM Demand Tec Partnership leverages data to make automated pricing decisions
  • 360pi Partners with Crossmark
  • 360pi Partners with Rise Interactive
  • 360pi Partners with Predictix
  • 360pi Partners with Wipro
  • 360pi Partners with Display Data
  • 360pi Partners with Price Tech
  • 360pi Partners with Clear Demand
  • 360pi Partners with Happiest Minds
  • 360pi Partners with jda
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Using Lifecycle Price Management solutions, complex and time consuming pricing tasks are automated. The 360pi and IBM DemandTec partnership provides a solution that leverages data to make automated pricing decisions, allowing retailers to maximize efficiency and profits.
360pi and IBM Demand Tec Partnership leverages data to make automated pricing decisions

“The integration of 360pi and IBM’s solutions has created a powerful and comprehensive price management solution that is unmatched in the marketplace today.”

– Elizabeth Magill, Team Lead, Product Marketing, DemandTec


Together, CROSSMARK and 360pi give a clear view of both online and in-store pricing data. CROSSMARK provides solutions with exceptional service to manufacturers and retailers. With 360pi, the two provide a true omnichannel view into their competitors prices.
360pi Partners with Crossmark

“Together CROSSMARK and 360pi provide retailers with a comprehensive and consolidated view into their competitors’ prices.”

– Marc Rapp, VP, Field Intelligence, CROSSMARK

Rise Interactive

Rise Interactive and 360pi joined forces to improve ROI on retailers’ paid search marketing. The partnership aims to optimize retailers’ digital ad spend by combining 360pi’s competitive price intelligence with Rise Interactive’s FeedPro paid search solution.
360pi Partners with Rise Interactive

“By leveraging 360pi’s pricing data, Rise Interactive better understands how products are priced relative to competitors, allowing retailers to allocate their budgets more intelligently.”

– Howard Diamond, VP of Digital Strategy, Rise Interactive


Together Predictix and 360pi automate the pricing process, maximizing both efficiency and profits. 360pi compiles a database of pricing information, which Predictix uses in their forecast and price optimization models. This minimizes the time retailers spend making profitable pricing decisions.
360pi Partners with Predictix

“360pi’s price intelligence provides critical information that enables retailers to understand exactly how their prices compare, and develop the best possible pricing strategies.”

– Ron Menich, EVP and Chief Scientist, Predictix


Wipro integrates 360pi’s online price intelligence with a retailer’s offline and in-store pricing intelligence sources to deliver an integrated omnichannel competitive pricing solution via a single dashboard.
360pi Partners with Wipro


Displaydata and 360pi give physical stores the ability to employ dynamic pricing. Working with 360pi and Displaydata, retailers are able to automate and increase the frequency of in-store price updates without the cost, or effort.
360pi Partners with Display Data

“We are extremely pleased to work with price intelligence leader 360pi to help retailers determine the right prices for their products and update them in-store.”

– Glenn Haertel, SVP Sales  Americas, Displaydata

Price Tech

Utilizing 360pi’s competitive price intelligence, Price Tech is able to make smart and informed offers in real-time to customers, when and where they are ready to make a purchase. The result for retailers is an increase in conversions, average order value, and improved customer loyalty. Each offer takes into account competitive prices, so retailers are safe in the knowledge that while their offers are competitive, they’re not needlessly eating into their profit margins.
360pi Partners with Price Tech

Clear Demand

Clear Demand’s competitive gap demand model measures shoppers’ sensitivity to the price gap between a retailer’s prices and competitors’ prices provided by 360pi. This solution enables retailers to identify relationships between competitive price gaps and their sales, so they can optimize prices to maximize profit margins and sales.
360pi Partners with Clear Demand

“Understanding and executing on [competitive pricing] insights can help shape sustainable merchandise and pricing strategies and help retailers avoid the proverbial race-to-the-bottom. 360pi’s best-in-class competitive price intelligence, combined with Clear Demand’s big data analytics, holds the key.”

– Jim Sills, President and CEO, Clear Demand

Happiest Minds

Together, Happiest Minds and 360pi deliver disruptive retail technologies which help retailers enrich the customers’ in-store experience and drive increased sales. From integrating competitive intelligence into customer-facing kiosks to optimizing in-store promotions, Happiest Minds helps retailers utilize competitive data in new and exciting ways.
360pi Partners with Happiest Minds


JDA’s rules-based Strategic Pricing solution, part of a larger Price and Promotion Management portfolio, converts 360pi’s zone-based competitive pricing intelligence for national and private brands into internal pricing rules. Retailers use these tools to right-price their assortment and effectively navigate retail pricing in competitive markets.
360pi Partners with jda

“Integrating JDA’s solutions with 360pi’s zone pricing insights enables our mutual customers to establish and realize localized pricing that delivers increased margins, sales, brand value and customer satisfaction.”

– Dan Groneck, Vice President of Product Management, JDA Software


“With the continued rise in multichannel shopping and price transparency, operationalizing the use of competitive pricing intelligence at speed, scale and frequency is crucial to a retailer’s success.”

– Marc Hafner, CEO, Revionics


Together, MarkMonitor and 360pi help the world’s leading brands identify and address online threats to their revenues and reputations. Not only can 360pi can help brands identify unauthorized and non-compliant sellers in real-time, but now in partnership with MarkMonitor, can provide brands with the tools they require to take effective action against these violators with turnkey case management and legal support.
MarkMonitor Logo
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360pi and IBM Demand Tec Partnership leverages data to make automated pricing decisions 360pi Partners with Crossmark 360pi Partners with Rise Interactive 360pi Partners with Predictix 360pi Partners with Wipro 360pi Partners with Display Data 360pi Partners with Price Tech 360pi Partners with Clear Demand 360pi Partners with Happiest Minds 360pi Partners with Sas

We Partner With

While we find that our most successful partnership opportunities exist with these types of organizations,
any type of partnership will be considered.
Business Intelligence Vendors
Competitive Intelligence Data Providers
Digital Advertising Agencies
Electronic Shelf-Edge Labeling (ESL) Providers
POS Solutions
Systems Integrators
Price Optimization Engines
Retail Analysts
Retail Consultants

Benefits of Partnering

A few highlights of our Partner Program include:
360pi Demo Portal with Live Pricing Data from over 20 major retailer sites
360pi Demo Portal
Demonstrate value with your own 360pi Demo Portal, containing live pricing data collected from over 20 major retailer sites. Use the Portal to slice and dice real data, so retailers can appreciate firsthand the invaluable insights that you can deliver to them using 360pi's Competitive Price Intelligence.
360pi Partners get free access to product information, whitepapers, case studies, testimonials and other price intelligence information
Partner Resource Page
All the information you need is easily accessible via your dedicated partner page, which contains product information, white papers, case studies, testimonials and more, so you can capitalize on the Price Intelligence market as soon as you join the program.
360pi Revenue and Lead Sharing
Revenue and Lead Sharing
We have programs in place to develop new customer relationships with our partners. Joint programs include marketing campaigns, webcasts, events, and speaking engagements designed to communicate the synergy of the joint offering to the market.
Learn about price intelligence with free webinars, training, case studies, reports and more
Webinars, unlimited training, case studies, reports, ongoing marketing initiatives, and a wealth of marketing content will keep your team up-to-date with what's happening in the world of online Price Intelligence and retail in general.
Get a dedicated 360pi partner manager
Dedicated Partner Manager
Address any needs for assistance with lead and opportunity qualification, training, or marketing content to your dedicated partner manager.
Gain recognition as a partner with the leader in Retail Price Intelligence
Brand Recognition
Gain recognition as a partner with the leader in Retail Price Intelligence.

Why 360pi?

360pi customers depend on us to deliver insights that are reliable, accurate, scalable, and complete.
360pi Zone-based price monitoring
Zone-based price monitoring
360pi Accurate Matching of Product Options
Accurate matching of product options
360pi Assortment intelligence
Assortment intelligence
360pi Private Label and 'like' product matching
Private label & "like" product matching
360pi Whole price information in-cart pricing with shipping & availability
Whole price information in-cart pricing with shipping & availability
360pi Integrated online and in-store view
Integrated online
& in-store view
360pi 'Plug and Play' compatibility with price optimization software
"Plug & Play" compatibility with price optimization software

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