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Realizing Dynamic Pricing

Jenn Markey, VP Marketing at 360pi, provides a recap of the major topics of interest at last weeks Annual Summit.

A recurring theme at last week’s Annual Summit was dynamic pricing. It seems that with the advent of real time price intelligence, retailers also need a way to be able to adapt their pricing in real-time to convert prospects and realize increased revenues and margins. Obvious enough, but the challenge is execution, especially in a multichannel environment. One panel in particular shared the insights of two 360pi customers – Ace Hardware and Best Buy Canada – in terms of how they leverage price intelligence to deliver a better customer experience and improve their bottom line. You can read coverage of the panel highlights at:

About the Author
Jenn is a senior marketing executive with significant startup and small company experience gained in the telecommunications, software, and semiconductor industries. Jenn helps early stage companies build their market presence, customer footprint, and strategic business value. Jenn brings more than two decades of strategic marketing, product management, and business development expertise to 360pi, with an MBA from York University. Prior to 360pi, Jenn held senior technical and management posts with SkyWave Mobile, J2 Global, UBM TechInsights, CrossKeys, Bell Canada International, and IBM. Jenn is also a published author and regular speaker at industry conferences.