What's your role?

Retail Operations

Close the sale with complete price intelligence and empower your employees with the same information that is available to their customers. Use the 360pi mobile solution to eliminate price-matching fraud.

Merchandising/Category Management

Find gaps in your assortment and opportunities to increase margins or optimize market share. Act on thousands of SKUs daily and track your results.


Prepare accurate pricing reports instantly with clean, normalized pricing intelligence data delivered via 360pi's interactive customer portal, API, custom reports, visualizations, or raw data files.

C-Level Executive

Find opportunities to drive sales and margins, increase market share, and accelerate profitable pricing strategies.


Use 360pi competitive price intelligence as an input to your pricing decision engine and automate your competitive pricing strategy in near real-time.


See how your pricing promotions are performing in the competitive landscape and get visibility into promotional pricing strategies of all your competitors.

Take control. Price right for the omnichannel with 360pi.

Act on opportunities and threats with 360pi products.
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Create a winning assortment

See your assortment coverage and strength relative to shopper demand and competitors on a per category basis. Identify product attributes most demanded by shoppers.

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Improve margins, drive sales

Clearly and instantaneously identify underpriced and overpriced SKU’s to increase sales, market share, and margins.

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Seamless customer experience

Get the omnichannel view with integrated regional-based in-store and online competitive intelligence. Leverage this information with electronic shelf labeling and at the point of sale with our 360agent product.

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Optimize zone pricing

Determine how competitive you are in each region by analyzing regional-based in-cart pricing and availability of competitors. Uncover opportunities and threats for each of your stores.

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Drive targeted promotions

Competitive price intelligence is transformational to your promotions. Identify opportunities, track your progress, see who matched your prices and who became less price-competitive, and display real-time "compare at" information.

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Consistent brand message

Right-price private labels and include competitors’ private labels in your analytics. Determine how prices compare between brands, or between retailers of the same brand - use these insights to negotiate with your suppliers.

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Win at dynamic pricing

360pi integrates seamlessly with leading pricing optimization engines as well as electronic shelf labeling to maximize the effectiveness of your dynamic pricing.

Why 360pi for Retailers?

360pi customers depend on us to deliver insights that are reliable, accurate, scalable, and complete.
Zone / Region Icon
Zone-based price monitoring
Matching Icon
Accurate matching of product options
3Product Assortment Intelligence
Assortment intelligence
Private label & “like” product matching
Whole Price Information In-Cart Pricing With Shipping & Availability
Whole price information (in-cart pricing with shopping & availability)
Real-time price check application
Plug n' Play Icon
“Plug & Play” compatibility with price optimization software

How do you track competitive pricing?

I don't have a price intelligence system

The frequency of price changes, prevalence of marketplaces, and online price transparency put more pressure on retailers and brands alike to keep up with online product and pricing information.

Ask us for a competitive pricing audit.
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Monitor and Track Pricing Changes in Retail

I have an in-house price intelligence system

The technology available to your shoppers has skyrocketed. Have your tools kept pace? Let us take care of the technology, so you can focus on making profitable product and pricing decisions.
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In-House Price Intelligence Systems

I have a third party price intelligence vendor

Here’s what our customers have to say:

“I was running 360pi in parallel with our other system and I was directly comparing the two. And within probably a week’s time after the initial launch, it was pretty clear that 360 was winning.”

 Senior Manager, Pricing Strategy, Guitar Center
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“One of our biggest issues prior to working with 360pi, was lack of SKU-level data… we were making some price assumptions instead of actually data-based decisions.”

– Devin Van Hout, VP of Operations, Build.com