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Smaller Retailers to Get Resourceful for the Holidays

360pi analyzes the tactics smaller retailers are taking to try and compete with larger, big-box retailers this holiday season.

Big-box ‘everything’ stores may draw the biggest crowds during the holidays, but that won’t stop smaller retailers from fighting back. This holiday season, many smaller retailers who have struggled to compete in the cut-throat holiday market, have a strategy.

Some retailers are trying to shift the shopping experience by entertaining the idea that consumers will stay around so long as there is something in it for them, apart from the goods. From mobile checkouts, to free gift wrap and shipping, to free sweaters and food, retailers are racking their brains to find ways to ensure the consumer’s shopping dollars go into their pockets, rather than the larger retailer chain’s. One retailer is even going as far as to offer customers an extra 10% towards their purchase when they make a return with a store gift card.

Yes, retailers will never quit feuding over the all mighty dollar; but there is one way to maximize your profits, without overspending or using pricey gimmicks. What’s the secret? Price intelligence. Price intelligence solutions can help reduce the added stress of the holidays and provide retailers with the pricing information they need to maintain a competitive edge in their market. 360pi’s QuickStart program offers all of the functionality retailer’s need to succeed in the pricing game.

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