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Retailers Have Voted: The Winner in Product & Price Intelligence

360pi recognized for the fourth consecutive year on RIS Software LeaderBoard, retail industry’s most prestigious annual ranking of retail technology vendors.

Retailers are experiencing an unprecedented change of pace like running a race in which only the most talented and skilled professionals make the podium. Just as the financial world transitioned from floor traders to back-office trading systems, to thrive in an increasingly digital environment, retailers must not only ensure that they are equipped with the right core offering, but also sharpen themselves up to provide accurate and timely analytics to make profitable product and pricing decisions.

Moreover, the margin of error for retailers is very small and shrinking. Pick the wrong partner or obtain inaccurate data and a retailer’s ability to keep pace—and even their ability to compete—is at stake. The same situation applies when selecting a product and pricing intelligence vendor—and no one knows how well a retail technology vendor performs better than the retailers themselves.

Well, 360pi’s customers have spoken! For the fourth consecutive year, we are honored to have been voted by our own customers to the RIS Software LeaderBoard, widely regarded as the retail industry’s most prestigious annual ranking of retail technology vendors. This recognition is all the more humbling, as we are the only product and price intelligence vendor to receive this recognition—not just this year, but in each of the past four years.

Over the years, 360pi’s presence and placement on the LeaderBoard has grown from 3 Top 10 rankings in 2013 to 17 in 2016. As well, with 3 #1 rankings in 2016 for Quality of Support, Quality of Service, and Ease of Administration and Maintenance, 360pi has been recognized as a Leader in Technology Innovation. Coupled with 360pi’s NPS score in excess of 50 with strategic accounts over the last two years, the clear message is that 360pi’s customers value and rely on 360pi’s insights and data to help them succeed.

I am very proud of the entire 360pi team for the quality of our Commerce Analytics Platform, and our focus on meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

I encourage you to find out what retail leaders such as Ace Hardware,, Overstock, and Walgreens already know: if you’re considering a product and pricing intelligence investment in the new year, check out the LeaderBoard results for yourself and download our RFP checklist.  Alternatively, if you want to learn more, feel free to sign up for 360pi’s industry-leading Annual Holiday Insights series.

About the Author
Alexander is the CEO of 360pi and is a serial web entrepreneur who has led two other Internet SaaS companies to profitability. Prior to that, he used data analytics to optimize profits for retailers as a strategic management consultant at Bain & Company, where he identified and developed programs to serve the top 10% of a retailer's customers that represented 50% of its profits. Alexander brings over 20 years of entrepreneurial, strategic and operational experience to 360pi, with an MBA from INSEAD and a BASc. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo.